Welcome to my homepage!

On this page, you will find some of my writings and observations  on matters big and small. So far, all of these texts are in Blog format and in Finnish.

Every now and then, I also add some  material on my work with acoustic instruments and electronics based on electron tubes.  High-end military and HAM radios as well as commercial audio equipment from 1950-1960 are my thing. So, if you got interested and want to share or ask something, please send me e-mail!

If you are, however, interested in my (serious) research project, please visit http://speech.math.aalto.fi/index.html.

A reasonably up-to-date list of scientific publications can be found here https://math.aalto.fi/~jmalinen/research.html.en


Jarmo Malinen, DSc (Tech)

Lohja, Finland

Email: jarmo.k.malinen “at” gmail.com